Professional Development

Quality professional development programs target many specific outcomes including increased staff knowledge about youth development, use of effective strategies for activity programming and implementation of methods for promoting 
positive relationships with

IAN also believes that quality professional development focuses on the long-term sustainability of the out-of-school time workforce by increasing providers’ marketable skills in order to increase public support for the youth development field.

Strategies to Support Professional Development

Afterschool providers can best support professional development by:

  • Incorporating professional development expectations in staff recruitment practices.
  • Coaching staff members after professional development has occurred to monitor and support implementation of new ideas and skills.
  • Offering regular professional development that is an integrated part of staff members’ jobs.
  • Supporting staff to seek and engage in professional development relevant to their jobs and interests.
  • Having clearly articulated criteria through which they judge the quality of professional development both before and after engaging a professional development provider.

Indiana Academy for Out-of-School Learning

Are you looking for high quality, online training specifically designed for Out-of-School Time Professionals?

Register for the NEW Indiana Academy for Out-of-School Learning

This online PD system was created in partnership with the National Afterschool Association and Child Care Aware and offers the latest in Out of School Time training specifically designed for before school, after school and summer programs.


  • Professional Development anytime, anywhere!
  • 36 Best Practice Learning Modules (2 hours each)
  • Aligned with IN Afterschool Standards and IN Youth Development Credential (IYD)
  • In-depth curriculum content, interactivity and rich visuals
  • Useful resources and real life scenarios
  • Pre- and Post-tests
  • Certificates and User accounts to track progress
  • Customer Service from Indiana Afterschool Network on what modules and topics to choose
  • Technical Assistance from CypherWorx, Inc. on platform functionality and user account

Ways To Use Modules in Various Settings:

  • Individual settings
    • Staff professional development at any place at any time
  • Large or Group settings
    • Program Director meetings
    • Site Coordinator staff meetings
  • Small Group settings
    • Program Site staff meetings

If you have further questions please contact Bri Gaston-Bell at bgaston-bell@indianaafterschool.org

10 Hot Topics Included (but not limited to):

  • Exploring Developmental Needs and Characteristics of Different Age Groups
  • Exploring Individual Differences in School-Age Children:
  • Guiding School-Age Children in Groups
  • Guiding the Behavior of Individual Children
  • School-Age Support and Care as a Family Service – Part One and Two
  • Building Relationships with School Personnel
  • Creating and Maintaining Healthy School-Age Environments
  • Exploring Effective Schedules, Diverse Activity Formats, Planning Tools, and Staff Roles
  • Providing Homework Support
  • Helping Children with ADD Succeed in School-Age Programs

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