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    • Boys & Girls Club Yearbook Program
      March 11, 2015

      Our Yearbook Club is an educational and career oriented program that awakens members to possibilities in a multitude of careers and duties within careers. This program also taps into a few of our other core areas of programming, including The Arts, Character & Leadership, and Health & Life Skills.

      Our members met for one hour each week to create a Boys & Girls Club of Tipton County Yearbook that featured every major program that our Club implemented during our 2013-2014 afterschool program. We believe we run a lot of great programs at our Club, and we wanted our members to have something that they could keep forever to help them remember their great year at our Club. Having physical proof of their great experience in our Club made it easier for our members to share with their family and friends why they should also join our Club. In addition to that, our Board of Directors runs an annual Business Sponsorship Plan and we thought that if they could show a potential Business Sponsor all that we do at our Club, they might be more likely to support our mission.
      Our Yearbook Club program was completed online, using a no-cost, no-commitment website.

      Members were given roles and responsibilities such as editor, publisher, and reporter. Members were assigned specific programs to feature in the yearbook. They spent time collecting information, doing interviews, and taking photographs and video clips for their assigned program. Each member spent time editing and publishing their entry to the website. Our members were given the opportunity to work with laptop computers, iPads, and digital cameras to complete the yearbook. The title of our yearbook for 2013-2014 was “Club Gone Wild”, and was done in an animal theme. Our Yearbook Club took time to discuss how each major program and its participants shared characteristics with animals, and they used these parallels to assign an animal to each major program. In addition to each major program being featured, our Yearbook Club spent time covering special events with our Club when the opportunity presented itself.

      On Friday, March 13th we will be receiving a state-wide award for Outstanding Program of the Year.

    • Lights On Afterschool Photo Contest Winner Goes to…Carmel Clay Parks & Recreation
      Lights On Afterschool Photo Contest Winner Goes to...Carmel Clay Parks & Recreation
      January 22, 2015

      On January 28, 2015 Bright House Networks will recognize the 2014 Lights On Afterschool photo contest winner – Carmel Clay Parks & Recreation’s Forest Dale Extended School Enrichment (ESE) with $2000 award. Forest Dale ESE plans to make immediate program improvements by utilizing the $2000 for technology implementation to assist students with daily homework during after-school.

    • Monroe County Community School Corporation
      Summer Program Success
      July 15, 2014

      The fifth graders at  Monroe County Community School Corporation are building a city using the popular computer game, SimCity. A curriculum based off of this computer game was developed by a staff member. Students formed committees and are responsible for creating a well-functioning and profitable city. Each committee (finance, parks and recreation, transportation, etc.) presents a recommendation to improve their city to the group. All students debate the proposed change and come to a consensus. They discussed everything from clean energy, to the placement of a recycling center and how to save money. All student-lead, they were able to make decisions about their city and instantly see the pros and cons of their decisions. This is an on-going project that engages students in real-life experiences that are relevant and important to their lives.