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IAN Trailblazer Series: Guiding Positive Youth Behavior – Session 1

11:00 AM EST
Time:11:00 AM EST


The IAN Trailblazer Virtual Series empowers afterschool professionals with resources and strategies to create impact in their programs and organizations.

The behavior of children in out-of-school time programs can have a significant impact on meeting outcomes, maintaining staff and keeping children safe. From aggressive and defiant behaviors to avoidant and hard to regulate behaviors, out of school time providers must have a well-stocked behavior management toolbox.

During this 3-part series, out of school time providers will learn brain-based strategies to support positive youth behaviors in and out of program settings. Topics covered will include how behaviors are learned and influenced, teaching and developing self-control and regulation, de-escalation strategies and more.

Participants will be introduced to the science of behavior change and practices that guide positive youth behavioral choices, gain a basic understanding of child and adolescent behavior – including those related to traumatic experiences or mental health need, and have guided practice in identifying and implementing behavioral intervention techniques.

Session 1: Understanding Youth Behavior

  • Use the Behavior Equation to identify WHY bad behavior happens
  • Explore and practice using the #1 tool for managing behavior
  • Learn how to de-escalate by working with the Behavior Escalation Cycle