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Afterschool Quality Standards
Creating a shared definition of quality

The Indiana Afterschool Quality Standards are designed to assist organizations in developing high-quality, comprehensive out-of-school time programming for all Hoosier kids.

These standards are based on national research and best-practices in the youth development and education fields. They help set the bar on what it means to be a great program. Together with the Indiana Quality Program Self-Assessment, these rigorous, data-informed standards help outline a path toward building consistent, quality programming so that afterschool programs can thrive and continue to inspire learning in our children.


Our standards serve as:

  • A framework of clear expectations for all stakeholders
  • A guide for out-of-school time providers to assess their own programming to help determine their strengths and opportunities for growth
  • A guide for families and youth to identify quality programming
  • A guide for school principals and district superintendents to reinforce and advance educational priorities
  • A guide to inform statewide decision-making, such as professional development focus areas, funding support, and advocacy
Indiana Afterschool Speciality Standards

Leading the way for afterschool program standards, Indiana is the only state in the U.S. with a suite of Specialty Standards. Each set of specialty standards was developed based on national research with state and national experts in the fields of education, youth development, and business. 

College & Career Readiness Standards
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Standards
Cover of Family Engagement Standards
Family Engagement Standards
Healthy Eating & Physical Activity Standards
Literacy Standards
STEM Standards
Summer Learning Standards