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Make a Bigger Impact. Together.

A Network Membership Program intentionally designed with you and the youth you serve top of mind.

Making the Most of Your Membership

Whether at an organizational or individual level, membership will unite our efforts and amplify our voices—in ways our individual voices never could.

"When we join together, we can drive sustainable change at the local, state, and federal levels, while also better understanding data about the OST field and enhancing the impact of organizations statewide.”
Lakshmi Hasanadka
CEO, Indiana Afterschool Network

Why Membership?

It is only together that we elevate our collective influence and impact! Through our new membership program, organizations can:

For OST Providers

Discover Which Plan is Right for You


This program builds the strength of the OST professional – offering resources and support for those who work with or on behalf of youth in OST settings.

What’s included:


Billed Annually


This program allows OST providers exclusive access to resources that will greatly enhance individual and collective impacts that in turn benefit the entire field.

What’s included:


Billed Annually

Are you an Out-of-School Learning Vendor or Community Partner? We have options for you too!


We’re launching a membership program to help us do a few important things:

  1. Collect Better Data: Indiana needs more information about OST programs. Our membership program will help gather reliable data —which in turn programs can use to show their impact and improve their services. 
  3. Advocate: Right now, there’s no group dedicated to representing Indiana’s OST programs at the state or federal level. Being a member means we can collectively and effectively advocate on your behalf for state and federal laws and policies that support the work you do.
  5. Connect and Learn: We know local programs are looking for ways to connect and learn from each other. The membership program is set up to help you do just that, with regional and statewide networks.
  7. Demonstrate Our Worth: We need to continue to show how IAN makes a difference. Membership lets us track and show how we help Indiana’s OST programs and offer tools and resources to help you strengthen the work you do.

It’s $250 annually for organizations and $100 annually for individuals.  

Not at all.  Organizations and individuals who wish to continue solely with their current level of engagement will be recognized as Affiliate Members, which still provides access to great tools and resources like our newsletters and webinars. 

Joining gives you access to additional resources that can help your organization and your own professional growth. When you join, you’ll be part of a collective movement, designed to strengthen our field and better support Indiana’s young people. Together, the entire network’s impact will be amplified. 

Member benefits will vary by type. But all members’ benefits span across 7 different areas:

Advocacy: We’ll be a strong voice for out-of-school time in Indiana and on Capitol Hill, and you can help shape what we fight for.

Communications: Members will always know what’s happening within IAN and the broader OST field. We’ll provide members-only information about news, events, and funding opportunities. 

Discounts: Members will get exclusive discounts on events and resources.

Networking: Members will be able to connect and learn from each other, as well as have opportunities for regional leadership opportunities and special initiatives.

Leadership Opportunities: Members will have the opportunity to be featured among the network for their experiences and expertise.

Promotion: Members can promote their services to our network at large.

Resources: Get tools and resources tailored to your needs.

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