Indiana Quality Program Self-Assessment (IN-QPSA)

Programs seeking to measure and track their progress using the Indiana Afterschool Standards can use the FREE online Indiana Quality Program Self-Assessment. Organizations and programs can create reports, compare results over time, and aggregate results from multiple sites.  The tool includes downloadable surveys for staff, community partners, families, and youth, with automated reporting  to help programs track progress over time.

Click here for more videos about how to maximize your IN-QPSA usage.


Indiana Quality Program Self-Assessment (IN-QPSA) is an online strengths-based self-assessment tool that enables youth programs to rate their performance based on the Indiana Afterschool Standards and Specialty Standards.


The IN-QPSA can help OST programs:

• Identify and understand the factors that support or inhibit top performance
• Use data to drive decisions.
• Take action and make positive changes.
• Continue to grow, learn and improve.
• Maximize positive impact for staff, youth, families and community partners.

To Get Started:  https://myian.indianaafterschool.org

IN-QPSA Virtual Office Hours

Looking for assistance in completing the IN-QPSA? The IAN Quality Team is here to support you and your team with IN-QPSA Virtual Office Hours! Connect with Keith Monfreda for questions and technical assistance!

When: Wednesdays, 12:00-1:00pm EST

Where: Zoom Link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/92623594177?pwd=Q3JhdHhwd1RjMGkwaDRwQTNFMTU5QT09


The Indiana Afterschool Network wants to recognize you for your dedication and drive toward continuous program quality.

By aligning with the Indiana Afterschool Standards and assessing your program using the Indiana Quality Program Self-Assessment (IN-QPSA), you demonstrate your intention to make a difference in the lives of kids and families across Indiana. Thank you for your service and impact!

Quality Leader Badge Requirements
New badges are released annually. Build towards your quality leader badge by fulfilling these minimum requirements:

• Align with at least 1 set of Indiana Afterschool Standards or Specialty Standards AND
• Complete the IN-QPSA within the applicable program year.