Credentials and Degrees

Indiana is fortunate to have a variety of pathways that lead to increasing your expertise in youth development.

Child & Youth Care (CYC) Certification
Recognized in several other states and Canada, the CYC offers three levels of certification Entry, Associate, and Professional. Through a partnership with the CYC Certification Board, the Indiana Youth Services Association administers certification for Indiana youth workers.

Indiana Academy for Out-of-School Learning
IAN’s online professional development system courses meet the requirements for obtaining CYC Certification. For more information, contact Bri Gaston-Bell at [email protected].


Ivy Tech
Many Ivy Tech campuses around the state offer the Technical Certificate and Associate of Applied Science in Human Services through Department of Public and Social Services – Indiana Youth Development Professional Program.  This certificate prepares you for national certification.

Indiana University-Purdue University at Indianapolis (IUPUI)
Youth Physical Wellness Programming Certificate through the School of Health and Human Sciences. This certificate prepares you to design programs that address obesity and lack of physical activity in children. You’ll be prepared to work in unattached school-time settings, such as day and summer camps, and have opportunities to practice what you learn in these environments. The curriculum includes building skills for teaching preschool and elementary-aged children, as well as children with special needs.


Indiana University Bloomington
Bachelor of Science in Applied Health Science, Youth Development Major at the School of Public Health. The youth development major prepares students for the professional delivery of services which focus on the infant, child and adolescent across all ability levels and within the family, community context. Required courses build a strong foundation to serve youth through integration of key professional topics including: professionalism, cultural and human diversity, applied human development, relationships and communication, and program development.

Purdue University
Bachelors of Science through the Department of Human Development and Family Studies. Careers in the social sciences offer the chance to make a difference in the lives of many people, young and old. The goal is to help young children get off to a good start in life, provide support to families during difficult times, and enable senior citizens to make the most of their lives.

Ball State University
Bachelor of Science through the Department of Early Childhood, Youth, and Family Studies at Ball State University. This will prepare you to make a lasting difference in the lives of family and children. You will graduate equipped to work in a variety of settings, from child care centers to hospitals to family service agencies.

Indiana State University
Bachelor of Science in Recreation and Sport Management with a concentration in Recreation Management and Youth Leadership with the Certified Nonprofit Professional (CNP) Credential, Recreation and Nonprofit Leadership Program in the Department of Kinesiology, Recreation, and Sport in the College of Nursing, Health, and Human Services.

Butler University
Bachelor of Science in Education, Major in Youth and Community Development (YCD) through the College of Education. Majors are required to pursue CYC-A certification.