Credentials and Degrees

Indiana is fortunate to have a variety of pathways that lead to increasing your expertise in youth development.

1) Child & Youth Care (CYC) Certification: Recognized in several other states and Canada, the CYC offers three levels of certification Entry, Associate, and Professional. Through a partnership with the CYC Certification Board, Indiana Youth Services Association administers certification for Indiana youth workers. Visit www.inyouthwork.org for more information.

2) Indiana Academy for Out-of-School Learning online PD system courses meet the requirements for obtaining CYC Certification. For more information, contact Bri Gaston-Bell  at [email protected]

3)   Higher Education Degrees: Indiana Afterschool Network, building on the work of the Journey and Indiana Youth Services Association, has helped to create youth worker degree pathways at universities around the state.   IAN Contact: Kelly Frank [email protected]


Many Ivy Tech campuses around the state offer the Technical Certificate and Associate of Applied Science in Human Services through Department of Public and Social Services – Indiana Youth Development Professional Program.  Prepares you for national certification.

Youth Physical Wellness Programming Certificate through Department of Kinesiology in School of Physical Education and Tourism Management.


Bachelors of Science in Applied Health Science, Major in Youth Development & Leadership through School of Public Health, Applied Health Science.  Prepares you for national certification.

Bachelors of Science in Human Services through College of Health and Human Sciences

Bachelors of Science in Family Studies through College of Applied Sciences and Technology, Department of Family and Consumer Sciences

Bachelor of Science in Recreation and Sport Management with a concentration in Recreation Management and Youth Leadership with the Certified Nonprofit Professional (CNP) Credential, Recreation and Nonprofit Leadership Program in the Department of Kinesiology, Recreation, and Sport in the College of Nursing, Health, and Human Services