Start an Afterschool Program

Looking to start a new out-of-school time program? We have resources to help!

The National Afterschool Alliance – Starting an Afterschool Program
There’s no definitive approach to starting an afterschool program – each community is different and the process varies depending on where you are and what type of program you plan to create. Still, there are several common resources that every program can use – the National Afterschool Alliance has collected a set of resources and tools for anyone looking to start a quality afterschool program.

The Beyond the Bell Toolkit
This toolkit is a practical and easy-to-use guide to afterschool programming that contains great information for program leaders who want to start or improve an afterschool and expanded leaning program. It is designed to be a resource for program leaders from both community-based and school-based programs. The Toolkit features practical tips, reminders, and Voices from the Field – true stories that describe what real programs are doing.

The Toolkit is divided into six stand-alone sections and contains 96 ready-to-use tools to support your efforts in program management, design, partnerships, delivery, evaluation, and continuous program improvement.