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School and Community Engagement

Resources to help you foster engagement with local schools and communities.

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Resources Regarding Governor Holcomb's Executive Order 20-40

Indiana Executive Order 20-40 - Child Care Matters and COVID-19

Governor Holcomb’s order, which concerns regulations for childcare programs & schools.

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How OST Can Partner with Schools to Provide Support During COVID

IAN’s statewide forum on Executive Order 20-40, and how afterschool programs can partner with local schools.

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Program Options for Providing Care for School Age Students and Digital Learning

Supporting guidance for Governor Holcomb’s Executive Order 20-40.

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School Corporation and Entity Agreement Guidance

Additional guidance relevant to Governor Holcomb’s Executive Order 20-40.

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Office of Early Childhood and Out-of-School Learning - MOU Template

Template to assist with development of MOU between a school corporation and provider.

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Executive Order Implications Chart

This tool shows the paths to legally provide care and support to children who are engaged in digital learning.

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Sample Program Email to Schools - Requesting a Formal Partnership

Sample email request for creating a formal School Corporation and Community Partnership (MOU).

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IDOE Latch Key Overview

More information on the Latch Key Law and COVID Latch Key Guidance and Waiver Information.

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Additional School and Community Engagement Resources

Building Community Learning Hubs

Provides key considerations in creating community learning hubs, as well as info on robust supports needed for student recovery post-pandemic.

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Expanding Learning and Supports for All Students

Learn how OST programs are uniquely positioned to help students catch up and accelerate their learning with the academic, social, and emotional supports needed for a robust recovery.

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Afterschool is Essential for COVID-19 Recovery

Information on how investment in afterschool and summer learning programs is essential to our state's recovery from COVID-19.

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CDC Suggestions for Programs and Camps

Planning tools to share ways to protect campers, staff, and communities, and slow the spread of COVID-19.

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CRSSA: New Opportunities for Afterschool

This document provides guidance to help connect OST work to the newest COVID-19 response legislation and to maximize new and existing funding opportunities.

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Expanded Learning Programs: Principles for Reopening & Recovery

Information on key principles which are essential for successful expanded learning.

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Family and Community Engagement Toolkit

This toolkit from the Indiana Department of Education contains several resources for bolstering family and community engagement.

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Field Guide for Camps from the American Camp Association and YMCA

A practical guide for camp directors and staff on implementing CDC COVID safety recommendations. Updated January 2021.

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How Afterschool Supports Indiana Students

Info on OST's response to meeting the needs of youth and the benefits of partnership with programs.

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IAN on Indiana Association of School Principal’s Podcast

Podcast episode featuring IAN team members sharing ways that we can all support Indiana students and families together.

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IAN's Indiana Academy on Out-of-School Learning

IAN's online professional development system specifically designed for afterschool professionals. All courses are aligned with the IN Afterschool Standards, CYC credentials, and CCDF requirements.

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IAN's My Afterschool Locker

IAN’s one-stop-shop of online resources that strengthen program quality, including lesson plans, engagement ideas, and connections to Indiana organizations and individuals in the field of out-of-school time.

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Indiana Afterschool Standards and Specialty Standards

These standards outline the path that lead to high-quality youth programs which take place outside the school day. These standards are based on national research and best practices in the youth development and education fields.

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Indiana Quality Program Self-Assessment

A free, online strengths-based self-assessment tool that enables youth programs to rate their performance based on the Indiana Afterschool Standards and Specialty Standards.

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Indiana Summit on Out-of-School Learning

Join youth programs, schools, and community partners to access resources and transform learning beyond the school day. Hosted by the Indiana Afterschool Network and Indiana Department of Education.

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Making the Case to Local Education Leaders

Use this tool to help you speak to education leaders and administrators about using COVID-19 recovery dollars to support students with OST programs.

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National Summer Learning Association (NSLA) - Training and Support

NSLA staff and expert Field Consultants are available to help partners plan, train staff, prepare and measure effectiveness for the coming summer. This includes program planning, program management, systems building, and positive youth development.

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Sample Program Email to Families - Encourage Your Principal to Collaborate with Afterschool

Sample email encourages families to collaborate with local afterschool programs.

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What to Look for in a High-Quality Afterschool Program

Quality programs understand that youth in different age groups have different needs. Learn what to look for to make sure you pick the right program for your kids

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Afterschool Alliance American Rescue Plan Resource Hub

Learn more about the American Rescue Plan, which provides $500 billion that can be used specifically for afterschool and summer programs. Includes tools to help programs reach out to local education leaders.

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