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Summer Activity Guide

We see youth development and summer learning providers across Indiana preparing for a summer filled with uncertainty and stepping up in innovative ways to support youth, families, and communities. We have heard your concerns about how to maintain engagement throughout an atypical summer, and we understand your anxieties as you navigate these uncharted territories.

To support your hard work, we have been developing a suite of fun and engaging activities and challenges designed specifically to accommodate COVID-19 summer. We hope that as you read this, you will feel that planning for summer just got a whole lot easier.

The Summer Activity Guides have been developed for the 50 State Afterschool Network – with leadership from the Georgia Statewide Afterschool Network – to engage and support children and youth nationwide.

What You Can Expect

150 Activities and Challenges
• Segmented by age (5-9) (10-12) (13-15) (16-18)
• Adaptable for in-person or virtual instruction
• Based in skill building and social emotional learning (SEL)

Materials for Professional Development & Enhancing Family Engagement
• Webinars
• Quick Guides
• Feedback Form
• Implementation Videos

Download the Summer Activity Guide

This resource will be released gradually over the course of ten weeks, beginning the week of May 25. Activity batches will be provided every two weeks with supplemental materials throughout to support providers and families in preparation and implementation.

Unit 1: Who I Am
Who I Am – Ages 5-9 (Actividades en español)
Who I Am – Ages 10-12(Actividades en español)
Who I Am – Ages 13-15 (Actividades en español)
Who I Am – Ages 16-18 (Actividades en español)
Who I Am – Supply List (En español)
Who I Am – Implementation Video

Unit 2: Healthy Life
Healthy Life – Ages 5-9 (Actividades en español)
Healthy Life – Ages 10-12 (Actividades en español)
Healthy Life – Ages 13-15 (Actividades en español)
Healthy Life – Ages 16-18 (Actividades en español)
Healthy Life – Supply List (En español)
Healthy Life – Implementation Video

Unit 3: Passion & Purpose
Passion & Purpose – Ages 5-9
Passion & Purpose – Ages 10-12
Passion & Purpose – Ages 13-15
Passion & Purpose – Ages 16-18
Passion & Purpose – Supply List
Passion & Purpose – Implementation Video

Unit 4: Invention & Imagination 
Invention & Imagination – Ages 5-9
Invention & Imagination – Ages 10-12
Invention & Imagination – Ages 13-15
Invention & Imagination – Ages 16-18
Invention & Imagination – Supply List
Invention & Imagination – Implementation Video

Unit 5: Exploring My World
Exploring My World – Ages 5-9
Exploring My World – Ages 10-12
Exploring My World – Ages 13-15
Exploring My World – Ages 16-18
Exploring My World – Supply List
Exploring My World – Implementation Video

Supplemental Materials

Quick Guide: Strategies to Implement Activities in Different Settings (En español)
Quick Guide: Safety Considerations for Virtual Facilitation (En español)
Quick Guide: Using Family & Youth Feedback to Improve Summer Programming
Family Resource: Recognizing and Managing Stress in Youth
Family Resource: Supporting Virtual Summer Programming
Family Resource: Supporting Youth at Home
Staff Resource: Recognizing and Managing Stress in Youth
Staff Resource: Supporting Your Emotional Well-Being
Resources for Anti-Racism and Equity Education
Summer Programming Feedback – Sample Questions for Families
Summer Programming Feedback – Sample Questions for Teens

Webinar Information

Getting to Know the New Summer Activity Guides
Hot off the press! This webinar will dive into the structure and elements of the activities for each age group so that participants feel comfortable facilitating every component of these lessons.

Keeping Youth Engaged This Summer
Watch this webinar to learn more about effective positive youth development practices and how to use the new Summer Activity Guide and to effectively engage with youth through different delivery models.

Using the Summer Activity Guide in Your Fall Programming
This session will provide an overview of the guide and then the floor will be opened for questions and conversation about how the resources can be used in your fall programming.