Summer Activity Guide
Youth development and summer learning providers across Indiana are preparing for a summer filled with uncertainty and stepping up in innovative ways to support youth, families, and communities. We have heard your concerns about how to maintain engagement throughout an atypical summer, and we understand your anxieties as you navigate these uncharted territories. To support your work, we have been developing a suite of fun and engaging activities and challenges designed specifically to accommodate COVID-19 summer. Click here to learn more.

COVID-19 Resources
Here is a list of vetted resources, published by state and federal agencies, regarding the COVID-19 health crisis.

Quality Tools

Indiana Academy on Out-of-School Learning
Join hundreds of Indiana out-of-school time professionals in the Academy. All courses are aligned with the Indiana Afterschool Standards, CYC credentials, and CCDF requirements.



My Afterschool Locker
IAN’s new go-to place to find resources that strengthen program quality. The one-stop shop supports programs focusing on curriculum, community engagement, workforce connectivity, and team tools – it provides lesson plans, engagement ideas, and connections to Indiana organizations and individuals in the field of afterschool and out-of-school time.



Indiana Quality Program Self-Assessment
Programs seeking to measure and track their progress using the Indiana Afterschool Standards can use the FREE online Indiana Quality Program Self-Assessment (IN-QPSA). Organizations and programs can create reports, compare results over time, and aggregate results from multiple sites. The tool includes downloadable surveys for staff, community partners, families, and youth, with automated reporting to help programs track progress over time.


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