2019 Indiana Summit on Out-of-School Learning
TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY, April 16-17 at the Indiana Convention Center, Indianapolis
Our EIGHTH annual conference will again feature two days of exciting workshops and events hosted by the Indiana Afterschool Network and the Indiana Department of Education.  More than 600 youth programs, educators and community partners will join together to connect, learn new ideas, and access valuable resources for Indiana’s K-12 youth.

Indiana Academy for Out-of-School Learning
Join hundreds of IN out-of-school professionals in the Academy. All courses are aligned with the IN Afterschool Standards, CYC credential and CCDF requirements!

2018 Indiana Out-of-School Time (OST) Learning Advisory Board Report
This summer, the Indiana Out-of-School Time (OST) Learning Advisory Board worked collaboratively to create a comprehensive report  to the Indiana General Assembly and the Indiana Department of Education. Key content of the report addresses OST Programs’ Role in Helping to Advance Key Indiana State Priorities:
• Science, Technology, Engineering, Math (STEM)
• College and Career Readiness
• Workforce and 21st Century Skill Development
• Youth Health and Safety
• And, includes direct connections to the NEW Indiana STEM Six-Year Strategic Plan, developed by the Indiana Department of Education (IDOE) with the guidance of the Indiana STEM Advisory Council
Content of the report also includes:  A detailed look at the current OST offerings in Indiana, benefits and impact of  OST programs and the need for OST programs in Indiana.

The Indiana OST community is ready to expand its STEM programming and to work collaboratively with their school partners. Read more about the Indiana STEM OST landscape in this white paper from the Indiana Afterschool Network including :
– How Indiana has been a national leader in out-of-school STEM education
– How the Indiana Afterschool Network is leading the effort toward greater integration of in-school/out-of-school STEM education
– How quality STEM education has been a major focus in the Indiana out-of-school community

ESSENTIAL TOOLS TO ADVOCATE: Indiana Out-of-School Time Advocacy Toolkit
All you need to know about lobbying rules for nonprofits, planning policymaker site visits, pitching to the media and using stories to deliver your message. Plus, key messages to help you clearly and consistently communicate about the promise of and demand for quality afterschool programs. Click HERE to DOWNLOAD!

Indiana 21st Century Community Learning Centers 2014-2015 Snapshot Report 
Report containing impact of Indiana 21 CCLC programs, including the following and more:
– 80% of program participants improved in “Turning in Homework on Time”
– 80% of program participants improved in “Completing Homework to Teacher’s Satisfaction”
– 74% of program participants improved in “Coming to School Motivated to Learn”
DOWNLOAD HERE: 2014-15 Snapshot 3-8-16

DataReportCoverShotThe Power of Afterschool in Indiana (pdf)
The report, funded in part by the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL), compiles the most current data on out-of-school time offerings in Indiana and the need and impact of these programs.

V6tinyIconThe Indiana Afterschool Standards and Specialty Standards
Version 6 now includes Standards Based Practices. The Standards and Specialty Standards outline the path and steps that lead to high quality youth programs that take place outside the school day.

We are the Indiana Afterschool Network.

We are a network of real people who are working to build a sustainable model of afterschool programming that strengthens communities while creating and identifying leaders within them. We advocate on behalf of improved public policy, increased funding, and most of all, engaging, meaningful out-of-school time programming.