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The Indiana Afterschool Network staff is a closely-knit team of individuals that bring unique perspectives and diverse backgrounds to our work – as well as a deep commitment to supporting out-of-school time in Indiana. We work together to effect positive change through supporting statewide youth development.

Andrea Gerig
Associate Director of Quality Initiatives

“Afterschool is one of the most efficient and effective ways to impact communities and change the world!  Afterschool supports everyone – young people who are nurtured and given opportunities, families who know their children are cared for and safe, and a community that is strengthened by healthy relationships.”

Ashley Rice
Associate Director of Quality Initiatives

“Afterschool is a place of safety, growth, and community. I am passionate about afterschool because it holds a special place in my heart from my childhood. I looked forward to my afterschool program and being able to learn new skills, build relationships, and have opportunities to serve the community. Afterschool programs can be the gem of a community that connects families together with support, resources, and programming. To witness those connections grow and to see the transformation of a community through afterschool programming is what I love.”

Brent Wake
Vice President of Engagement

“Afterschool provides significant return on investment in the development of the whole child. While children’s family and academic lives receive justifiable attention, afterschool is an often-overlooked arena in which some of the greatest potential for positive impact should be realized. There remain so many opportunities to facilitate that realization.”

Bri Gaston-Bell
Associate Vice President of Administration

“I am passionate about afterschool opportunities for all youth. It is my experience that quality programs have something to offer every individual regardless of age, interests, or backgrounds! One of my favorite encounters was a program that offered a fish fry where youth actually participated and learned skills related to fishing, biology of a fish, and even math skills in the kitchen in order to prepare for a fish fry! I am amazed at the different options and experiences that youth today are able to experience and wish I had participated in such activities growing up!”

Derrick Carnes
Senior Director of Communications

“I believe that developing the education and empathy of our younger generations is a key first step toward solving our society’s most complex problems. Afterschool provides nearly countless opportunities for America’s youth to learn, to grow, and to find more in common with each other.”

Elizabeth Healy
Associate Director of Engagement

“Afterschool is my abiding passion because it is where kids have the chance to truly shine. It’s a world of endless possibilities, igniting curiosity, fostering creativity, and nurturing relationships. Quality programs are the key to unlocking every child’s potential, and by elevating our youth through afterschool, we are, without a doubt, elevating the future of our world.”

Katie Rukes
Salesforce Administrator

Coming from a public health background, I believe afterschool is essential for fostering healthy childhood development and building strong, connected communities. Afterschool programming gives kids opportunities to learn more about themselves and others, enabling them to discover interests and passions they might never have experienced otherwise.

Kaya Dorsch
Director of Strategic Initiatives

“When I was younger, afterschool programming was where I had the opportunity to grow as an individual, find passion, develop lifelong relationships, and further understand my own identity. I believe every child and youth should have access to the same level of high-quality programming, a safe environment to be themselves, and a nurturing community to help them become empathetic and emotionally intelligent adults.”

Lakshmi Hasanadka

“I’m passionate about afterschool because I’m passionate about reducing equity gaps for racially-marginalized and underserved children. Additionally, high-quality afterschool programs provide protective experiences to help children develop resilience. Afterschool programs offer children the opportunity to reach their full potential—in a safe environment in which they are inspired to learn.”

Lana Brown

Associate Director of Quality Initiatives

“Afterschool is where I truly believe individuals find out who they are and what they like to do. Quality OST programs give youth of all ages a safe and unique opportunity to try new things and share extraordinary experiences. It is a place to be creative, explore, and learn about anything!”

Sam Barnett
Associate Director of Advocacy

“Afterschool gives kids the opportunity to explore. It provides them space to become curious about themselves and their world. Whether it’s academic enrichment, hands-on learning activities, or building new relationships, afterschool programs provide opportunities that wouldn’t have otherwise been possible. By increasing the availability of these programs, we increase the likelihood that all our kids reach their highest potential. If we elevate our youth, we elevate our world.” 

Timothy A. Raines, PhD
Vice President of Quality Initiatives

“My passion for afterschool is driven by the belief that every child deserves a chance to thrive beyond the classroom. Afterschool programs provide the canvas for young minds to discover their passions, unleash their capabilities, and cultivate the skills needed for success in an inclusive and enriching environment — ultimately paving the way for a brighter future. Quality programs weave the tapestry of youth’s social and emotional growth, contributing to stronger individuals and communities through creating connections that last a lifetime, all while strengthening the foundation of our future society.”