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Find an OST Program
Looking for quality out-of-school time programming? Here are some places to start.

Family & Social Services Administration’s Child Care Finder
Set filters that matter to you, find programs located along your route to work or to school, and find an out-of-school time program that’s most convenient for your location. Click here to get started.

Ask your school if it has any out-of-school time programming opportunities
Some schools host their own before, after, and/or summer learning programs. Others might partner with third-party organizations to provide opportunities for their students. If your school doesn’t have a program, ask them why not. Make sure their administrators are aware of the 21st Century Community Learning Centers program.

Contact your local Child Care and Resource Referral office
Child Care Resource & Referral agencies help families find child care and assist service providers with resources for their business. Your local office can talk to you about the different types of child care providers in your area, ask you questions about you and your child, and create a list of service providers for you to contact based on your needs. Start your search here.

Talk to other families 
Talk to parents, guardians, and grandparents about what their children and grandchildren do after school. They might be able to tell you about good opportunities in the area.

Contact local community organizations
Out-of-school time programs can be hosted by larger organizations that you might not expect to have success with. It’s always a good idea to check locally with community organizations such as: parks and recreation departments, museums, libraries, churches, synagogues, mosques, and community centers.

Additional OST resources

Be sure to check with non-government federations or private organizations, such as:

What if there is not an out-of-school time program in my area?

Don’t give up! If you’re seeking a quality afterschool program for your child, there might be other families searching in your area as well. Many expanded learning programs have been created by parents in partnership with schools and community organizations – there might be partners in your area that can help you get started.

Resources for Starting Your Own OST Program

Are you an OST provider?

No matter how well known your OST program may seem, there are always families seeking quality programs for their children. Be sure to register or list your program with your local Child Care and Resource Referral office. Brainstorm other places families might look for afterschool programs within your community and inquire how you can list your program with those organizations.