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Professional Development

Creating transformative impact for youth and community

We believe that when an afterschool program’s staff has access to high-quality, equitable professional learning resources, the impact on youth and community can be far-reaching. We create professional development offerings that respond to the unique characteristics of the out-of-school time workforce in Indiana so that practitioners can continuously strengthen their individual skillsets and consistently enhance their programs.

Professional development is linked to quality.

We know that staff quality impacts program quality. More specifically, higher quality interactions and instruction lead to higher quality programs and positive youth outcomes. Quality programs are those that are intentionally designed with engaging content that is aligned with specific program goals and are taught by trained, dedicated professionals who are proven to work effectively with youth. Supporting staff by providing ongoing professional development is key to a continuous quality improvement process.

A strengths-based self-assessment tool that helps youth programs self-assess their performance based on the Indiana Afterschool Standards and Specialty Standards.

The go-to place to find resources for your program, including lesson plans, engagement ideas, and connections to Indiana organizations and individuals in the field of out-of-school time.

On-demand courses and resources to continue your professional learning, build your skills, and further your impact.

Professional Development Tools

Tools that promote continuous professional learning to increase your expertise in the field and build confidence in serving your community.

Additional Professional Development Resources

You for Youth
Y4Y focuses on learning for every staff member at youth programs, as well as the kids you serve. Y4Y provides professional learning opportunities to help you achieve your career goals. What you do with the children in your program helps them achieve their life dreams.

Mizzen by Mott
Mizzen by Mott partners with the out-of-school time community to provide high-quality resources and experiences for youth-serving professionals that spark curiosity, joy and a love of learning for children and youth. Supported by the Mott Foundation, Mizzen is available at no cost to those who are empowering young learners everywhere!

Child & Youth Care Worker Certification (CYC)
The Child and Youth Care Worker Certification is a national credential for child and youth care work practitioners. CYC certification allows practitioners to demonstrate their development as professionals and participate in true career development. Over time, practitioners can combine in-service training, formal education and work experience to qualify for increasingly advanced positions. Or they can continue to work in the same setting with the ability to meet a wider range of youth needs.

Core Knowledge, Skills, and Competencies for the Out-of-School Time Profession
The core knowledge, skills, and competencies necessary for OST professionals can be used to guide the development of compensation structures, inclusive and culturally responsive hiring practices, professional development, career pathways, and mechanisms for demonstrating practitioner skills.

National Afterschool Association Professional Development
The National Afterschool Association (NAA) publishes fresh, new content every week covering a wide variety of topics related to the field of aftershool. In addition, NAA offers a variety of opportunities for virtual professional development through meaningful content, conversations, and connections.