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Lilly Endowment awards $85M to Hoosier youth organizations

September 28, 2023 (INDIANAPOLIS, IN) – Lilly Endowment Inc. has approved grants totaling more than $85 million to 187 organizations as part of its Strengthening Youth Programs in Indiana (SYPI) initiative. The goal of SYPI is to empower youth-serving organizations throughout Indiana to enhance the academic, physical, and social well-being of young people aged five through 18. These grants range from $16,870 to $1 million and benefit a diverse range of organizations across the state. Some of these organizations focus on specific towns, counties, or cities, while others serve youth in multiple communities or regions.

The organizations receiving these grants offer various programs and services for youth, including foster care placement, youth employment, college preparation, STEM education, art therapy, mental health services, leadership development, tutoring, mentoring, and before- and after-school enrichment. Many of these organizations will use the grants to address the specific needs of young people in low-income households, communities of color, immigrant families, or those who have experienced trauma or adverse childhood experiences. The projects funded by these grants aim to improve existing programs, upgrade facilities and technology, enhance access to mental health services, provide leadership and civic engagement opportunities, strengthen organizational capacity, and attract and retain staff in a competitive labor market.

The SYPI initiative aligns with Lilly Endowment’s commitment to supporting community-based organizations that complement the educational and developmental experiences of Indiana’s youth, contributing to their overall well-being and growth.


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