We are the Indiana Afterschool Network, a nonprofit organization that inspires, empowers, and mobilizes the advocates, organizers, and practitioners of afterschool programs in Indiana.We believe that after the school bells ring and classes are dismissed, all Indiana K-12 youth should have access to high-quality, affordable afterschool programs and summer learning opportunities that enrich their lives and prepare them for success in school, college, work, and life.

We are a network of real people who are working to build a sustainable model of afterschool programming that strengthens communities while creating and identifying leaders within them. We advocate on behalf of improved public policy, increased funding, and most of all, engaging, meaningful out-of-school time programming.


  • Create stronger teams and higher quality programs by establishing standards, best practices,  and evaluative tools that help measure success.
  • Build a case for the importance of out-of-school time as integral to student growth and development. By doing this, we help foundations, organizations, and individuals understand the value of investing money, time, and resources in out-of-school time.
  • Provide increased access to students by enlarging existing programs, developing new opportunities, and bringing more awareness to all programs.
  • Nurture the alignment of education and workforce by improving communication and helping students understand their communities and the roles they play within them.