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2023 Legislative Session Recap

May 5, 2023 (INDIANAPOLIS, IN) – We are excited to share an update on the recent efforts of the Indiana Afterschool Network (IAN) during the last legislative session to support out-of-school time (OST) learning opportunities in Indiana. Our Engagement Team has been diligently working to build stronger systems of support for expanded learning opportunities in 2023 and beyond.

We recognize the importance of gathering data and insights to increase the availability of quality OST programs and elevate Indiana’s OST field. To achieve this, we’ve organized multiple Town Hall-style meetings to engage OST providers in meaningful conversation about their experiences, concerns, insights, and ideas. Looking ahead, we plan to conduct more Town Halls in South Bend, Jeffersonville, and New Castle throughout 2023.

Additionally, we rechartered our Provider Council, which consists of members representing IAN’s newly established Engagement Regions. This council – made up of Indiana OST providers – will play a vital role in strategically advising and collaborating with our staff to enhance our work.

We’re committed to increasing investment in OST professionals by elevating the perception of the field and demonstrating the critical role quality OST plays in Indiana. In 2023, we established our inaugural Public Policy Committee, comprised of providers from across the state and chaired by a member of the our Board of Directors. The Committee has been actively engaged in weekly legislative update calls, providing feedback and shaping strategies for the most recent legislative session.

We’re also in the process of hiring an Associate Director of Advocacy, who will be responsible for leading proactive public policy advocacy efforts at both state and grassroots levels. Additionally, we have met with U.S. Representatives Andre Carson and Greg Pence, State Senator John Ford, and State Representative Dale DeVon to discuss bills and issues affecting the OST field. IAN testified on the potential impact of SB 265 (TANF Eligibility) on the demand for OST programming and has initiated meetings with key stakeholders such as the Indiana Department of Education and State Senators Jeff Raatz and Andrea Hunley to further discussions on education, workforce matters, and the integration of OST into middle schools.

We remain dedicated to our mission of providing comprehensive support to Indiana’s OST programs and continuously advocating for high-quality learning experiences outside of school hours. Stay tuned for more updates as we work together to create a brighter future for Indiana’s youth and families.