Professional Development

Quality professional development programs target many specific outcomes including increased staff knowledge about youth development, use of effective strategies for activity programming and implementation of methods for promoting 
positive relationships with

IAN also believes that quality professional development focuses on the long-term sustainability of the out-of-school time workforce by increasing providers’ marketable skills in order to increase public support for the youth development field. Read more below to explore some of our best professional development tools.

Looking for high-quality online training specifically designed for afterschool professionals? Join hundreds of Indiana OST professionals in the Indiana Academy for Out-of-School Learning. All courses are aligned with the IN Afterschool Standards, CYC credentials, and CCDF requirements. Click here to watch a demo!

And don’t forget to check out our Academy Learning Paths Guide, which outlines specific courses in the Academy that will help build a foundation of OST skills and best practices for all levels in your organization. The Guide can be used for onboarding new staff and professional development for current staff. To learn more about the guide please view the video above. You can click here for a short video demonstration of how to use it!


My Afterschool Locker is IAN’s newest go-to place to find resources that strengthen program quality. The one-stop shop supports programs focusing on curriculum, community engagement, workforce connectivity, and team tools – it provides less plans, engagement ideas, and connections to Indiana organizations and individuals in the field of afterschool and out-of-school time.


If you have further questions, please contact Bri Gaston-Bell at:
[email protected]

For additional professional development opportunities, check out the Conferences and Training Opportunities page, or the websites of the following organizations:

Afterschool Alliance (National)
American Camp Association
Indiana Youth Institute
Learn More Indiana
Marion County Commission on Youth
National Afterschool Association
The Journey